Why Inline

December 22, 2016

Streetwise Sales & Marketing Expertise

Inline in not your typical marketing firm or agency.  Our strength has always been our streetwise, common-sense approach that fully understands that marketing is a strategic business function which exists solely to help drive sales, not win design awards for our agency. Period, end of story.

Here’s why Inline is different:

  • We offer real-world, Fortune-100 experience: Seasoned sales and marketing veterans lead the company and take the helm of every strategic engagement.  This level of expertise is typically out of reach for small and mid-sized growth-focused companies.
  • We understand the unique challenges of companies with complex solutions and services: Simply put, generalist agencies are not a good fit for your organization; they rarely “get” what you do, which wastes time, money and resources.
  • Our services are scalable: Through our virtual partner network, we are able to deliver on-demand resources that allow us to scale to accommodate your business needs.
  • We specialize in formulating and aligning sales & marketing strategies: Through our Accelerator process, we bring these two functions together at the critical intersection where strategies must “hit the street” and be transformed into action.

As you consider engaging a marketing firm, we trust that you will take these factors into consideration. These differences are important to your success. Give us a call and let us know your challenges. Let's talk.

"Inline enabled us to create awareness in our marketplace that positioned us as a leader and dramatically increased sales."

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