Messaging, Positioning and Branding

December 22, 2016


In today’s digital age, decision makers are capable of researching your organization long before they ever begin to engage in sales conversations with you. Statistics show that they are often a full 50% or more into their due diligence process. That is why the importance of developing the proper communications strategy for your company—messaging, positioning, brand architecture—cannot be overemphasized.  What you are communicating through your prospect-facing touchpoints—your website for example— must resonate with them quickly and draw them into your sales pipeline.

This is imperative for the success of all your future marketing initiatives and it must be done before any tactics are undertaken otherwise you will waste time and money. Your organization’s ability to clearly and concisely articulate its story to decision-makers in a compelling manner is a matter of survival in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

Inline has more than two decades of experience helping clients develop the critical communications framework necessary so prospects can rapidly understand what you do, what makes you different, and how you can help them. We are also experts at marrying that with a powerful visual brand that will enable you to carry your new messaging and positioning to market in a way that raises the visual sophistication of your brand, ensuring it is on par with the sophistication level of your solutions and services.

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