Sales & Business Development Services

December 22, 2016


Of its many roles, marketing’s main function is to make an organization’s sales and business development initiatives more effective and efficient with the ultimate goal of driving qualified leads into the pipeline. Through its experienced leadership team, Inline does this. Unlike traditional marketing firms, Inline is in a unique position to offer both sales and marketing expertise. This ensures the alignment of these two functions in a way that enables clients to achieve their goals.

Inline works with clients to build the necessary overarching strategic framework, the starting place for every Inline engagement. We are experts at helping clients operationalize their marketing plans—what Inline calls “the last 3 feet” where other marketing agency and firms often fail to focus. Inline delivers best-in-class sales and business development expertise where it’s needed—at the intersection of strategy and actionable implementation.

Key Sales and Business Development Services include:

  • Pricing strategies, guidance and tactics that drive intended transactional behavior
  • Negotiation frameworks
  • Sales management coaching
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales pipeline performance metric design
  • Strategic channel management
  • Assessment and sizing for optimal sales force deployment

Through customized engagement, Inline is able to bring Fortune 100 experience to its customers and meet the individual needs of every client.

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