December 22, 2016
Desperately Seeking Strategy
Thirty-five years ago as a new technical sales engineer in a Fortune 100 company, I picked up an illustrated article
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Your Ticket to the Dance
What is the typical reaction at most companies when sales revenues don’t meet expectations? There isn’t a seasoned sales professional
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Be Succinct or Be Overlooked: Getting the Executive’s Attention
Today, everyone is oversaturated with too much information, too many choices, too many text messages, phone calls, Facebook posts, instant
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Marketing’s Magic Bullet: Does It Exist?
One question I have heard many times over the years, particularly with start-up or second stage companies is “what marketing
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Ditch Mission Statements and Develop Your Positioning Statement
I’m not a big fan of mission statements. Why? Because over the years, I have watched businesses waste an inordinate
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No Guts, No Glory––The 4 Things Executives Must Do to Develop a Strong Positioning Strategy for Their Company
Most executives recognize that developing a strong positioning statement, as well as the accompanying communications strategy to support it, is
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