Desperately Seeking Strategy

Thirty-five years ago as a new technical sales engineer in a Fortune 100 company, I picked up an illustrated article called “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Salesmen Make.” I found it to be humorous, insightful and in practice, very true. Today in a consultative role for early stage tech businesses, I find myself thinking that a modern-day version of that anecdotal piece could be called “The Biggest Mistakes Early Stage Companies Make.” […]

Your Ticket to the Dance

What is the typical reaction at most companies when sales revenues don’t meet expectations? There isn’t a seasoned sales professional alive that hasn’t heard this from their management team—“we have a sales problem.” That’s because this has long been the perspective of most C-level executives.  As a result, the sales team at the receiving end[…]

Be Succinct or Be Overlooked: Getting the Executive’s Attention

Today, everyone is oversaturated with too much information, too many choices, too many text messages, phone calls, Facebook posts, instant messages, and the endless streams of spam in our email.  It’s no wonder we have been dubbed “the over communicated society.” The average C-level executive in the technology industry comes in each day and has[…]

No Guts, No Glory––The 4 Things Executives Must Do to Develop a Strong Positioning Strategy for Their Company

Most executives recognize that developing a strong positioning statement, as well as the accompanying communications strategy to support it, is vital to any organization’s business development efforts. After all, defining what key attributes and positive associations you want to come to mind when your prospect thinks about your company and its offerings makes it easier[…]