George Siragusa

January 5, 2017

Senior Partner

George SiragusaWith a business career spanning more than three decades, Inline Senior Partner George Siragusa is a C-level global sales, marketing and business operations subject matter expert. He brings a unique blend of Fortune 100 executive-level leadership and insights, combined with his realistic, gritty, street-wise strategy execution experience.

He has worked with cybersecurity and tech startups through his relationship with Mach37, a noted accelerator firm in the D.C. and Northern Virginia area. In parallel with his 35 years of service at a Fortune 100 company, his 29-year military career in the United States Navy (active and reserve), which culminated in the rank of Captain, brings an additional dimension of operational leadership and knowledge of the defense, government and military sectors to Inline's offerings.

George's years of broad and deep commercial, business, technical, analytical and process expertise was gained through a rapid trajectory of management and executive leadership positions across multiple divisions and business units for ExxonMobil. He consistently delivered bottom-line results through his "roll-up-your-sleeves" expertise in business development, creating powerful go-to-market strategies, operationalizing marketing plans, identifying industry trends and deploying innovative growth strategies to drive sales and increase market opportunities. Key skills include:

  • Business & Strategy Development, Channel and Sales Management: Experience developing, managing and deploying sales teams worldwide; developing sales training platforms; aligning sales metrics with business goals and objectives; assessing/optimizing sales pipeline; coaching/mentoring sales teams to enhance performance; developing alliance and channel partner strategies in the US and abroad.
  • Marketing Management: Expert in pricing, market segmentation, product lifecycle management and innovative marketing strategies
  • Sales Operations: Expert in annual budget development and forecasting, contracts, sales metrics, global customer satisfaction surveys and other sales and customer-related operations.
  • Innovation: Visionary with knowledge of how the IOT (Internet of Things) affects an organization's projects, processes, people, internal culture and business models.

George is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, with a Master's Degree from Central Michigan University. He also has advanced expertise in International Marketing from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business and International Leadership Studies at Thunderbird University for Executive Leadership. George is a Greenbelt in Lean 60 Process Management and has taught at the U.S. Naval Academy and George Washington University in D.C. He is currently an Affiliate Professor at George Mason University. He serves as the US Navy Adjunct Chairman on Congresswoman Comstock's National Military Service Academy Screening Board and as an avid runner, is a nationally-certified U.S.A. Track and Field Official at university, high school and youth track events throughout the Eastern United States.

Clients whose marketing plans are built on a thoughtful foundation of insights set the stage for strategic growth that everyone understands and can rally around. When they vet assumptions that underpin their differentiated and branded product and service offerings, they are ready to begin creating value for their customers. When they do all that, their business plan will likely survive the "last three feet." It's that critical intersection somewhere between blue sky and green grass, where strategic options, marketing communications platforms and sales opportunity development should work together to create tangible revenue growth.

George Siragusa
Senior Partner